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Main Features

Breathable Water-Resistant Upper Material

Breathable Shoes

Snibbs have created a special breathable multi-layered textile which has exceptional hydrophobic capabilities. This material is also extremely easy to clean.

Certified Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole

Slip Resistant Outsole

Specially engineered rubber outsole, certified by the industry standard Brungraber Mark II Test to provide superior slip resistance and grip on wet floors coated with water, oil, grease, and more.

Custom Formulated Ortholite Insole

Ortholite Insole

We've partnered with one of the world’s leading insole providers, Ortholite, to create a unique double molded multilayer Snibbs-TECH™ insole, providing an amazing first step-in feeling and a supportive foundation which will help prevent fatigue and pain for long periods of time.

Ergonomically Designed, Durable Midsole

Durable Midsole

Robust TPU blend, making the midsole less likely to break down. The ergonomic shape of the midsole was expertly designed to provide relief and reduce strain in the various parts of the foot.

Easy Slip-On Design

Slip-On Design

Designed to be slipped on, increasing their ease of use to be worn and removed. Traditional shoes with a “tongue” can increase the chances of folding, moving and creating discomfort inside the shoe.

Adjustable Side Cages

Adjustable Side Cages

A set of polyurethane “cages” affixed to both sides of the shoe can be loosed and tightened with a set of traditional laces, allowing a more bespoke fit for the user.

Wide Toe Box

Breathable Shoes

Wider toe box, allowing your toes to wiggle which creates bloodflow, and gives room for natural swelling which happens over long periods of standing.

Deep Structured Heel Cup

Deep Structured Heel Cup

Deep heel cup which helps to stabilize the foot by aligning your feet with the knee, hips, and ankles. This proper foot alignment will drastically limit excessive pronation and help reduce pain in your feet and back.

Rear Heel Achilles Notch

Achilles Notch

This notch ensures that the heel collar does not dig into the Achilles tendon, which can irritate it thereby creating discomfort and pain.

Rugged Pull Tab

Rugged Pull Tab

Helps pull the shoe onto your foot. This is especially helpful when the shoes are tied tightly to avoid damaging the structured heel cup.