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The professional kitchen is a step away from potential hazards. Every now and then, knives drop or scalding liquids fall, and chefs have little time to think about such issues during food preparations. Bartenders too, need to stay up on their feet during their exhaustive work shifts. They have to engage with guests and fulfill their requests constantly. To prevent the risk of foot fatigue and knee and back injuries from liquid spills, owning a good pair of shoes is necessary in the hospitality industry.

Slip Resistant Outsole


Dr Snibbe, an orthopedic surgeon, designed these shoes specifically for working professionals who mostly stand or walk during work hours. The outsole is slip-resistant, while the upper material is waterproof and very easy to clean. The insole is custom formulated and keeps the feet happy at all times, preventing quick fatigue. The sneakers are not just comfortable, but also look great.

Why Do Snibbs Shoes Feel So Great?

Snibbs shoes have been solely designed by working professionals who personally understand the risks of injury caused by bad footwear. Built over a period of 4 years to match stringent testing standards, these shoes inhibit feet fatigue, even with rigorous use.

Slip Resistant Outsole

Made By A Professional Orthopetic Surgeon

Snibbs were designed by an orthopedic surgeon who knows how important it is to stop foot fatigue in it's tracks.

Slip Resistant Outsole

High Performance Insole

In collaboration with leading insole supplier OrthoLite, SNIBBS-TECH™ insoles were developed in-house. They feature a first-rate foam combination with a cloud-like cushioning.

Slip Resistant Outsole

Better Slip Resistance

The outsole is slip-resistant and has been certified by the highest industry standard - Brungraber Mark II Test. With these shoes, there will be less chance of slipping on wet and oily floors.

Slip Resistant Outsole

Waterproof, Convenient to Clean

The high-quality soft uppers will not allow water to seep in. Dirt and grease can be washed away from the uppers on the fly with a soft sponge.

Slip Resistant Outsole

Practical Slip-On Design

Made for busy, hard-working individuals, these shoes are easy and less time-consuming to rock. For added comfort and fit, they also have adjustable laces.


Average Customer Rating


“Been in the hospitality industry for 15+ years and these are the first comfortable and stylish shoes I have found. 100% recommended to anyone on their feet!”

Timothy Z. , Bartender

“I’ve worked in a restaurant for many years and these shoes withstand the daily grind all day. My feet feel so good after 12-14 hours in the kitchen compared to any other shoes I’ve tried before and now I’m buying my staff a pair.”

Emilio F. , Chef

“Most comfortable shoes and so easy to keep clean!”

Rachael T. , Chef

“They are comfortable, stylish and best of all. I can stand up longer while working!!!”

Terrell G. , Chef
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