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The Unexpected Shoe Discovery That's Saving the Feet (and Sanity) of Kitchen Crews Everywhere

"It sounds like too good to be true, but these shoes have given me back the pain-free feet I thought were lost forever!"

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By Marcos Zapata, Seattle, WA.

Published 2 days ago,

Most people are too familiar with this experience...

As a kitchen shift drags on, the pain and fatigue in your feet can reach unbearable levels…

The constant standing, the unforgiving hard floors, the slick surfaces – they all conspire to wreak havoc on your feet, legs, and back.

"Why do my feet feel like they're on fire?"

"Do I really have 6 hours left on my shift?"

"How many more times will I slip on this greasy floor?"

It's exhausting, disheartening, and can make you dread going into work each day.

But what if there was a way to reclaim those pain-free, sure-footed shifts?

Thankfully, there's a groundbreaking non-slip kitchen shoe that promises not just comfort, but unparalleled support, traction, and durability.

This innovative sneaker can effectively eliminate the aches, pains, and slips that plague hardworking kitchen crews.

"For years, the agony of long shifts weighed me down, casting a shadow over even my most

satisfying culinary creations.

It began with sore, throbbing feet, but the real heartbreak was when I slipped and wrenched my

back due to a greasy floor and subpar shoes.

Desperation set in.

I tried every shoe and insert claiming to help. Even pricey custom orthotics. But nothing provided the relief and stability I needed.

Then, a fellow chef told me about Snibbs Spacecloud 2.0, a unique, kitchen-optimized sneaker

with rave reviews.

No gimmicks, just cleverly designed shoes – you slip them on and get to work with confidence. The transformation? Unbelievable. I now power through even the longest shifts without pain,

sure-footed on any surface."

"My sous chef laughed when I raved about them, but after borrowing my Spacecloud 2.0s one day, he immediately ordered his own pair!"

Unlike many 'kitchen shoes' or 'non-slip work sneakers' that still leave you aching and vulnerable to slips, Snibbs Spacecloud 2.0 stands apart. Notably, it features a range of innovative materials and technologies designed for all-shift comfort and performance.

The Spacecloud 2.0 is built for all-day comfort, thanks to its custom-formulated insole that provides targeted cushioning and support, along with a proprietary foam midsole that offers superior shock absorption and energy return. The slip-on design with an adjustable lace option ensures a secure, customized fit that's easy to put on and take off.

Crafted from 100% vegan materials, the Spacecloud 2.0 is an eco-friendly choice that doesn't compromise on quality or durability. The shoe's construction features robust, high-quality materials throughout, ensuring increased durability that withstands the daily rigors of kitchen work. These shoes are built to last, saving you money and hassle in the long run.

The newly developed stain-resistant upper keeps your shoes looking fresh and clean, even in the messiest kitchen conditions. Spills and splatters simply bead up and wipe away, maintaining a professional appearance shift after shift.

Featuring a slip-resistant outsole certified by ASTM F2913 and the Brungraber Mark II Test for superior grip on wet, oily, and greasy floors, the Snibbs Spacecloud 2.0 offers unmatched comfort, durability, and performance for demanding kitchen environments.

Of course, no shoe can prevent every kitchen mishap, but Spacecloud 2.0's thoughtful design and construction provide the best possible protection for hardworking feet. With an impressive 30% increase in slip resistance compared to the original Spacecloud, these shoes offer unparalleled traction and stability on even the most slippery kitchen floors.

Thousands of satisfied chefs, line cooks, and kitchen staff are already turning to Snibbs Spacecloud 2.0 to reclaim pain-free shifts and coast through the toughest dinner rushes with sure-footed ease.

Many are feeling a noticeable difference in just a few shifts…

The Spacecloud 2.0's custom-formulated insole, slip-resistant outsoles, and proprietary foam cushioning provide fast-acting relief and support. While individual experiences may vary, most wearers report a significant improvement in comfort, stability, and fatigue levels within the first week, thanks to these advanced features designed specifically for kitchen workers.

Most Spacecloud 2.0 wearers report a significant positive difference within the first week. Many experience a noticeable reduction in foot, leg, and lower back pain, improved stability on slippery surfaces, and increased energy levels even after long shifts, thanks to the shoe's advanced cushioning, arch support, and slip-resistant technologies.

It's been approved & recommended by Podiatrists.

The Snibbs Spacecloud 2.0, engineered by top orthopedic surgeon Dr. Snibbe, incorporates advanced cushioning technology, contoured arch support, and enhanced traction outsoles specifically designed for the rigors of kitchen work. While proper cushioning and arch support are crucial for those spending long hours on their feet in demanding environments like kitchens, slip-resistant outsoles are equally important to prevent falls on wet or greasy floors.

For individuals dealing with foot, leg, and back pain from being on their feet all day, Spacecloud 2.0's innovative design is highly recommended. Dr. Snibbe's expertise is evident in the shoe's superior orthopedic engineering.

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Snibbs stands behind the quality and performance of their new Spacecloud 2.0 shoes, offering customers free exchanges, a 30-day return policy, and a 1-year protection plan against defects or premature wear.

We decided to test it ourselves.
Is it all hype?

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Interviewed By: Jameson Atkinson

Analysis By: Amanda Brisk

Food Service Industry Journalist

With so much buzz around the Spacecloud 2.0 and glowing reviews from kitchen crews, we wanted to verify if they lived up to the hype.

Nearly everyone in our test kitchen volunteered to wear them, but we chose Amanda, our resident food service industry expert and writer.

Below is her account of wearing the Snibbs Spacecloud 2.0 during a 6-week trial period.

A server carrying a tray with drinks in a casual restaurant setting.

My Spacecloud 2.0 sneakers arrived within 2 days of ordering. I was impressed by the sleek, functional design and obvious quality of materials.

Week 1:

I was initially skeptical about whether a sneaker could really make that much of a difference for long shifts. I've tried plenty of "comfort" shoes and inserts before with little improvement. But I was fed up with the constant foot pain and worried about slipping on greasy floors, so I decided to keep an open mind.

I wore my Spacecloud 2.0 for three 8-hour shifts this week. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight and cushioned they felt, without the sponginess of other kitchen shoes. My feet and legs definitely felt less fatigued, but the real test would be how I felt by the end of the week.

To my pleasant surprise, I noticed a significant reduction in foot, leg, and lower back pain compared to my regular kitchen shoes. Even on the third shift, I wasn't limping or wincing by the 7th hour. Still a bit early to tell, but the initial signs were promising!

Black shoes with a blue shoebox on a diner table by a window.

I'm starting to wear and choose these shoes more and more each day whenever I leave the house

Week 2:

This week featured some of my longest shifts, including a couple of 12-hour marathon days prepping for a special event. I was anxious about how my feet would hold up, but my Spacecloud 2.0s kept me comfortable and pain-free throughout.

One notable moment: An oil spill left the floors extremely slippery, and I saw a coworker in regular clogs nearly wipe out. But the Spacecloud 2.0 gripped securely and I navigated the slick area without a single slip or slide. Color me impressed!

Person wearing black Snibbs sneakers on a polished floor.

Week 4:

After a full month of wearing my Spacecloud 2.0 for every shift, I'm honestly amazed at how much better my body feels overall. My feet don't throb anymore, my legs are less fatigued, and my lower back doesn't ache by the end of a long day. It's a huge relief not to dread work because of the physical toll anymore.

The shoes still look great too - just a quick wipe and they're clean and odor-free. I'm not easy on my kitchen footwear, but the Spacecloud 2.0 is holding up remarkably. Well worth the price for the level of comfort and durability.

Close-up of black sneakers on a table beside a teal Snibbs shoe box and printed sheets.

I no longer wear any other shoes and decided to get another pair in a different color.

Week 6:

I never would have believed a shoe could make such a massive difference in my day-to-day work experience, but I'm officially a Spacecloud 2.0 convert. Even the chefs and managers have commented on my improved mood and productivity lately.

The reduced aches and pains from being on my feet all day have given me renewed energy and enthusiasm for my job. And knowing I have stable, secure footing on any kitchen surface lets me move confidently and efficiently.

In conclusion:

If you work in a kitchen and struggle with foot pain, fatigue or worries about slippery surfaces, I can't recommend the Snibbs Spacecloud 2.0 highly enough.

It's an investment in your health, safety and overall well being on the job. Your feet will thank you!


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Gold and blue badge with '1 Year Protection Plan' and a check mark in the center.

Snibbs is so confident in their new Spacecloud 2.0 that they're offering customers a 30-day at-home trial with free returns.

Snibbs offers a 30-day return/exchange policy on all Spacecloud 2.0 purchases. This means you can try the product at home on a clean surface, and send them back within 30 days of receiving them if they are in their original, brand new condition for a full refund.

According to Snibbs, less than 1% of customers end up returning their Spaceclouds, and most go on to purchase multiple pairs for themselves and their kitchen crews after experiencing the difference firsthand.

UPDATE: Since our testing and initial reporting, Snibbs has been flooded with orders for the Spacecloud 2.0 and has had difficulty keeping them in stock. We did notice the shoes are still available via this link. If you're interested, we recommend ordering soon to secure your pair before they sell out again.

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Melissa J.

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"I’ve had my Snibbs for a few weeks now and all I have to say is wow. My feet do not ache after standing for 10 hours."

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Tessie G.

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"These shoes are fabulous for working 10-12 hour days! At the end of a work day my feet don’t hurt like before I got these shoes! Would definitely recommend!"

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Jabari S.

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"Best ever deli shoes. I feel unstoppable. You will never feel scared to work in water or oil. A great shoe all around for all workplaces."

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Patience S.

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"Not only are they comfortable, they outlast all other shoes I have tried. I am a waitress that walks 10 miles a day on concrete so I need something that holds up."

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