1 Year Shoe Protection Plan


Introducing the Snibbs365 Protection Program! In partnership with New Leaf Service Contracts, we are now offering a unique footwear protection plan which will cover all the damages listed below, including accidental:

  • Seam & sole separation
  • Cracking
  • Discoloration
  • Broken eyelets
  • Broken heals
  • Broken/jammed zippers
  • ADH Rips
  • ADH Tears

NOTE: Each purchase price is for coverage for one pair of shoes. If purchasing a protection plan for multiple pairs, please edit the quantity of the coverage plan to match.


Why’d we create the world’s first (and only) protection plan for non-slip shoes?

We first created the worlds best non-slip shoe that can handle whatever your shift throws at you.

All of us working in food service at one time or another wished we had AppleCare for our nonslip shoes so we didn’t have to go buy another pair every couple months.

Since we can’t predict what happens at work or how many hours you wear them every week. We created the world’s first protection plan for non-slip shoes.

Designed to keep you covered, no matter what your
shift throws at you. We got your back.

how it works


Add the protection
plan to your order.


Submit a claim and we’ll ship you a
new pair of Snibbs within 24 hours.


Crush your next shift
without foot or back pain.

Slip Resistant Outsole

what’s covered?

Pretty much everything except fire; please don’t burn the shoes.

Here's a short list of what's covered…
- Punctures
- Rips
- Tears
- Cuts
- Seam or Sole Separation
- Discoloration
- Broken Eyelets

Slip Resistant Outsole

what’s not covered?

Pretty much everything except fire is covered; please don’t burn the shoes.


Why would I buy a protection plan? Don’t you already have a warranty?

Snibbs does have a 30-day return/exchange policy. But that policy applies to shoes that have been tried on in a clean area and are found not to fit or be as comfortable as desired. We also have a warranty against manufacturing defects for the first 30 days. This would cover severe damage to the shoe caused by a defect in the shoe’s manufacturing. If you are looking for coverage to go beyond the first 30 days and cover things such as rips, tears, and sole separations, then the 1-Year Protection plan is for you. 

When does the plan start, and how long does it last?

How do I submit a Claim?

How Many days after my claim is filed will I receive my new shoes?