Why Snibbs

Snibbs are a universal work shoe, designed for use by anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time, whether they’re standing in place or in motion. Engineered by industry veterans with the utmost comfort and design in mind, Snibbs also help bridge the gap between function and aesthetic, a common dilemma in the work shoe category.

Snibbs are the product of 3+ years of research and development. Utilizing the highest quality materials and orthopedic features, Snibbs provide a comfortable and robust footwear solution which can be used across thousands of industries. This also significantly reduces the frequency and severity of shoe wear and tear, so you don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes every few months. The water-resistant upper features an easy to clean material, making any big mess a very small problem while the slip-resistant outsole helps you stay on your feet in any slippery situation.

Unlike other work shoes on the market, Snibbs are not only functional but are also sleek and aesthetically pleasing. A common problem the Snibbs team noticed in the marketplace is that work shoes are either great functionally and ugly, or look nice but aren’t very functional. Snibbs aims to close that gap by providing a universal work shoe which can be worn in any many lines of work, and can also be worn outside of work comfortably and confidently. Work in shoes that look good!

The work shoe has not been reinvented or rethought. Instead, the major footwear companies continue making the same shoes over and over again. At Snibbs, we wanted to rethink the entire shoe from every angle, solving problems for anyone who is on their feet all day. We solved the following problems:

  • Comfort - Standing for long periods of time with our dual density insole and ergonomic durable midsole provides you with all-day comfort. The wide toe box offers space to stretch your toes, which allows your foot to swell without discomfort.
  • Mobility - The shoe isn’t bulky, and due to the adjustable width and comfortable features, you can move around in the shoes as easily as you can stand around.
  • Cleaning - Easy to clean upper material allows messy jobs to be easily cleaned up on the spot.
  • Aesthetic - A clean and stylish look that doesn’t exist in the marketplace, so you are able to take pride in your work wear inside and outside of the workplace.

Snibbs broke down every element of the shoe and its purpose and solved the problem from a holistic perspective, creating a new type of shoe for the workplace.