Our Initiatives

Sole Support

In March of 2020 when Snibbs launched, the world would soon fall into one of the darkest times in human history. The workplace became a distant memory for most, except for healthcare workers who worked double shifts to take care of the now-packed hospitals and their COVID-19 patients. We started Sole Support to provide assistance to these workers as they worked through the pandemic, by providing them with meals and Snibbs shoes.

Homeboy Industries

Shoes were donated to Homeboy Industries, which helps those who were formerly gang involved and previously incarcerated by offering hope, training and job skills. Homeboy Industries is the largest and most successful gang intervention, rehab, and reentry program in the world and has become a model for other organizations and cities. Homeboy is an organization with many true social enterprises where trainees are paid to learn job skills and take advantage of comprehensive services. By offering former gang members a place to work, Homeboy provides a place for them to learn soft skills, like administration and customer service, and also vocational skills from solar panel installation to pastry baking or catering.


Snibbs regularly donates shoes to Soles4Souls, which disrupts the cycle of poverty by creating sustainable jobs and providing relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the organization repurposes product to supply its micro-enterprise, disaster relief and direct assistance programs. Since 2006, they have distributed more than 73 million pairs of shoes and pieces of clothing in 129 countries and generated over $475 million in economic impact. Visit soles4souls.org for more information.

Not Just October

Not Just October is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge and resources available to breast cancer patients, survivors, and their supporters. Snibbs has donated 10% of all sales from their Supernova Pink colorway to this organization in hopes of improving awareness around breast cancer and its effect on people around the world..