Free Shipping + exchanges on all orders.

Free Shipping + exchanges on all orders.

Stay on your toes with slip resistant work shoes

Power through the day with sneakers that keep up.

What’s not to love about these comfortable work shoes?

Orbit - Boa

Orbit - Boa

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Stay grounded with ergonomic comfort, durable design, and stylish fit

Step up your safety and comfort with cute, slip resistant work shoes built for the workplace and beyond. We’ve crafted our non slip shoes from premium fluid-resistant materials and robust rubber soles that provide maximum stability and support. Meanwhile, wide toe boxes, deep heel cups, and adjustable sides combine to kick your comfort up a notch. That’s what years of research, development, and testing do—give you a leg up, from the ground up.

Deep heel cup

Ouroil and slip resistant shoes feature a structured heel to stabilize the foot. We optimize for alignment between the feet, ankles, knees, and hips so you’re always stepping on solid surfaces.

Slip on design

We’ve replaced traditional “tongues” with an easy, no-fuss slip on design. Say goodbye to folding, shifting, and dealing with discomfort—and say hello to a perfect fit in seconds.

Custom Formulated insole

We bring you our signature double molded multilayer Snibbs-TECH™ insole. These orthopedic slip resistant shoes fight fatigue on the job, whether you’ve just clocked in or you're coming up on hour 12.

Slip Resistant Outsole


Stop sole searching—slip into the perfect mix of comfort and style

With Snibbs’ comfortable work shoes that have slip resistance, you can show up stronger on and off the clock. After years of dealing with shoes that fall apart on the job (or fall short outside of work), we’ve researched, tested, and developed a solution for workplace footwear: versatile shoes that last a long time and look good, too.

With the ultimate best-in-class materials and high-performance design, our slip resistant work shoes stand out from the bulky, basic styles that once defined the world of working footwear. These slip resistant sneakers provide all-day comfort and sleek, go-everywhere style, so you can complete your daily grind—and craft your grandest dreams—with confidence and support. The future of the work shoe is here. Run, don’t walk, and receive free shipping and exchanges on every order.