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Introducing the Snibbs Community Giveback Program

A program designed to provide financial assistance to workers who are in need.

"We designed this program to help workers who need financial help getting through a hard time that would otherwise put them in a hole for months."

Daniel Shemtob, Chef & Co-Founder of Snibbs

Program Benefits

$300-$500 IN CASH

That's right. No gimmicks, no fine print. Just cash when you need it.


Receive a free pair of our flagship non-slip work shoe: Spacecloud.


Anyone can apply to receive benefits from the program. *Not all entrants will win

Snibbs is dedicated to helping not only workers around the world, but our communities in general.

We are a small business, but we have big dreams to help change the world.

Economic hardships are more prevalent than ever for millions of people around the country, and we know how much of a difference a few extra hundred dollars can make.

That’s why we are introducing a give-back program to help as many people as we can in making their lives a little easier.

The Snibbs Community Funding Program will provide up to $500 plus a free pair of Snibbs footwear to applicants who are in need within our communities.

To apply, simply fill out the form below and your submission will be considered. Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply:

Ready to apply?

Snibbs Community Giveback Program Eligibility Requirements

Entrants must meet all the following requirements to apply

Gross household income cannot exceed $75,000

Must be 18 or older to enter

Must live in the United States

Are facing financial hardships

Please note that eligibility verification may be required.

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