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Orbit - Boa

Orbit - Boa

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Everything you need in durable work shoes that keep up, rain or shine

A spill or slippery surface isn’t just annoying—it can endanger your well-being in the workplace. Our water resistant tennis shoes are designed with best-in-class features to ensure your safety throughout your entire shift and beyond. From top-quality materials to the signature Snibbs shape, our footwear helps you stand strong when you want to and find freedom and flexibility as you move from task to task. With our meticulously crafted water resistant shoes for work, you’ll never slip, skid, or struggle to stay on your (super dry) feet.

Premium water resistant upper material

Our water and oil resistant shoes feature specially-crafted textiles with cutting-edge hydrophobic capabilities—easy to clean and breathable, too.

Slip resistant rubber outsole

Crafted from premium rubber certified by the industry-standard Brungraber Mark II Test, our top-quality outsoles protect against water, oil, grease, and more. Enjoy superb slip resistance no matter where you’re stepping.

Rugged pull tab

Because spills wait for no one, our thoughtfully designed rugged pull tab helps you slip into your water resistant sneakers at a moment’s notice.

Slip Resistant Outsole


You deserve style, support, and safety—no slip-ups

Our non slip water resistant shoes are made for workers. All workers. Created by industry veterans who understand the demands of long shifts and on-your-feet labor, every aspect of our working footwear provides support and stability. We’ve constructed our water and slip resistant shoe with hydrophobic mesh uppers, industry-grade rubber outsoles, wide toe boxes, and fuss-free slip on design, so you can move with ease on all surfaces—wet or dry.

But Snibbs knows the future of work shoes is about more than function. It’s about form, too. What makes Snibbs special is our unique combination of support and style. With a sleek, clean contour and a range of attractive colors, our footwear won’t just help you step through spills—it will help you make a splash. Choose your favorite pair today and receive free shipping and exchanges with your order.