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How Your Feet Impact Knee and Hip Pain

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Haik Zadoyan

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Knee and Hip Pain

With the knee and hip joints supporting the body as we stand and walk, knee and hip pain is a common occurrence. Have you ever thought that the chronic pain that you are experiencing in your knee, hips or even in your lower back or shoulders has anything to do with your feet?

What is knee pain?

Knee pain can result from a wide variety of factors. Particularly if you are prone to foot problems you may see a lot of knee pain issues emerging. Here are some common issues leading to pain in your knees:

  • If you suffer from fallen arches and overpronation, it ends up impacting your gait. This, in turn, puts pressure on your knees leading to pain.
  • Hypermobile feet, where the joints in and around the feet move more than they should, also lead to pain in the knees.
  • Knee pain is also the result of osteoarthritis. Research has it, that it can be controlled in some measure by pointing your toes slightly outwards when you walk. This shifts pressure to the lateral part of the knee, relieving the pain
  • Other causes of knee pain include runners' knees, weak thigh muscles, soft knee cartilage as also having flat feet.

Hip Pain

Hip pain, once again, can be a result of a wide variety of conditions such as:

  • Bursitis, where the pain is felt on the outside of your hip. This largely results from repetitive stress, which causes the bursa to become inflamed. Exercising without adequate warming up, also often results in bursitis.
  • Arthritis, which tends to cause pain in the inner hip. This can often be a genetic condition. 
  • Hip arthritis can also be caused on account of any injury or trauma. 
  • Being overweight or giving in to excess activity can also result in hip pain.
  • Additionally, on account of over-pronation of the foot, the hip can become unaligned. In turn, this causes stress and pain.

How to help your knee and hip pain

Pay attention to any foot conditions that could be causing hip pain as also knee and heel pain. Some of these conditions include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bunions
  • Foot Pronation, and more

It is possible to reduce knee and hip pain by improving the foot condition. Depending on the foot condition that you are suffering from, your doctor may recommend the right treatment. In many cases, a moderate walking plan may work wonders as it strengthens the muscles and relieves pressure on the joint. Your doctor or therapist can also advise you on whether changing your walking gait can relieve pain. 

Shoes for knee pain

The right shoes play a strong role in managing knee and hip pain. Here are some aspects to watch out for in making the choice of shoes:

  • Ensure you wear shoes with a cushioned insole that provide the needed support. An ergonomically designed midsole also goes a long way in reducing strain in various parts of the foot.
  • Ensure you measure your feet periodically for their length and width and wear the right fit of shoes.
  • Shoes that offer proper arch support basis your bespoke needs are a must have.
  • Opt for a deep heel cup that helps stabilize the foot and aligns it with the knee, hips and ankles. In turn, this will limit excessive pronation and reduce pain in your feet and back
  • Ensure you wear shoes with a wide toe box that naturally allows for swelling of the foot that occurs from being on your feet all day. 

If your knee or hip pain is on account of your foot problem, the right footwear along with orthotic insoles can go a long way in relieving pain.