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5 Creative Gift Ideas for Chefs

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Daniel Shemtob

He was on Food Network's "Great Food Truck Race", ultimately winning Season 2. Soon after he launched multiple trucks and brand partnerships, progressing into his Brick and Mortar TLT Food (The Lime Truck), first store launched in Westwood in 2012. As well as a high-end restaurant in 2018, called Hatch Yakitori + Bar, a Japanese Yakitori restaurant based in downtown LA and winner of LA Weekly's "Best Yakitori Restaurant". He then partnered with Dr. Snibbe for a fully functioning work shoe that blends aesthetics and functionality called Snibbs. He’s on a mission to enrich worker’s lives, one shoe at a time by creating a work shoe that's inspired by everything that's wrong with the one you're probably still wearing.
5 Creative Gift Ideas for Chefs

So, you’re embarking upon the quest to gift something special to the beloved chef in your life—something that not only meshes with their culinary tastes, but also helps them refine recipes and cook with comfort. 

If you’re finding yourself at a loss, don’t worry. A chef’s work is a unique art form, and if you yourself aren’t spending countless hours in the kitchen, it can be difficult to sift through the countless kitchen gadgets and pantry accessories out there.

Fortunately, armed with this guide of especially creative gifts for chefs, you can wow any gourmand with a gift fit for even the most exhaustively-equipped kitchens. Whether your food-frenzied friend or loved one is just starting their cooking journey as an aspiring chef, or they’ve long mastered the art of cuisine as a professional chef, they’re sure to be pleasantly surprised when presented with any of these one-of-a-kind choices from our gift guide.

#1 A Custom-Engraved Cutting Board 

A quality cutting board is an essential in any kitchen. So for a unique gift idea, why not spice it up with a cutting board specially designed to the chef’s style? The addition of engraving opens up a world of possibilities for this food prep staple, with a couple of options to choose from:

  • Add a thoughtful touch with personalized engraving – Many online artisans can add the chef’s name (in just about any font you desire) to an already well-made cutting board. If the chef in your life prefers a more rustic aesthetic, check out John Boos’s hardy “chopping block” that adorns its rugged maple base with a monogram or name of your choosing.
  • Celebrate the chef’s most cherished recipes – To take a more sentimental route, consider personalizing a cutting board by preserving a handwritten family recipe of the chef’s. With quick scanning and laser-cutting technology, this enhanced kitchen tool also serves as a heartwarming memento. 

If you’re looking for some extra special add-on gifts, cutting board wax and a chef knife will go the extra mile. Food-safe wax gives a healthy sheen to a cutting board’s natural wood grain, all while preserving its moisture and longevity, while a new knife makes for another perfect gift idea for any chef. With these accessories, your favorite chef won’t only own a brand-new cutting board-they’ll also have the tools to let it shine.

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#2 Sous Vide for Precision Cooking

Whoever said perfection is impossible never introduced a chef to sous vide. This method of cooking is at the top of its class for its precision, as a vacuum-sealed pouch locks in flavor while an immersion thermometer sets the seal on an evenly cooked meal.1

Small yet mighty, a classic sous vide instrument like the Anova Precision Cooker Nano packs a punch—and still fits in that crowded utensil drawer. This kitchen gadget uses Bluetooth technology to control a gentle circulation of water, slow-cooking food with exacting consistency and making it one of the best gifts for chefs around.

#3 The Comfort of Non-slip Kitchen Shoes

The art of cooking is demanding and active—a chef must stand to cook, direct the kitchen, and serve the fruits of their loving labor. 

Try treating your food lover to the comfort of a shoe tailored with their profession in mind, like Snibbs’ non-slip kitchen shoes. Our Spacecloud model, a safe and stylish work sneaker, boasts a range of features as innovative as the chef in question:

  • Water-resistant materials make for easy clean-up
  • Durable construction provides a reliable shoe they won’t need to replace
  • Slip-resistant soles ensure safety amidst kitchen bustle
  • Ergonomic support provides comfort even on the longest shifts
  • Clean, versatile designs look stylish both in the kitchen and out

These non-slip shoes will help to avoid common chef injuries  as well to ensure your loved one can do their job safely. 

#4 Decompressing with Compression Socks

We’ve already established that the chef’s comfort is paramount. Compression socks provide the chef with ultimate comfort while also putting a pep in their step. By nurturing proper blood flow at the legs and feet, these socks fight fatigue, letting the chef do what they love most— cook, and for longer.2

Taking the chef’s needs to heart, Snibbs also offers compression socks that promote pain-free kitchen shifts. Our innovative construction and specialized breathable fabrics lend true tried-and-tested relief. Pair them with Snibbs kitchen shoes above for a standout combination.

#5 A Handy Hydroponic Herb Garden

Herbs are a foodie necessity in spicing and garnishing dishes, but a busy chef might not have the luxury of time to visit the farmer’s market or locate the freshest local selections of parsley. 

A hydroponic garden ensures tasty sprouts without the hassle of determining soil or sunlight needs. Since the seedlings grow their roots directly into water and need only an LED for light, any chef can have hand-grown herbs at their fingertips.

If you really want to shower your favorite chef with love, pair the hydroponic garden with a well-sharpened herb razor for a thoughtful bonus gift (or stocking stuffer, if it’s Santa’s season). 

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Engineered by industry professionals, Snibbs’ Spacecloud kitchen and restaurant shoes model combine expertly inventive spill- and slip-resistant materials with a custom-formulated insole for all-day comfort. By letting Snibbs do the heavy lifting, your cherished chef friend doesn’t have to.

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