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Orbit - Boa

Orbit - Boa

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Slip on a pair of Orbits at the beginning of your shift and float through your workday in knit sneakers that lift you up.

Snibbs Orbit collection features lightweight running shoes that can be used as work shoes. This collection is made with movement and durability in mind, intentionally designed to keep you on your feet with arch support for stability and balance. Navigate any inspection site with confidence, deftly drop off desserts for the VIP, and sprint down hospital hallways without missing a beat—lightweight sneakers from Snibbs are built to help you get the job done.

Our Orbit line is optimized for breathability. Breathable work shoes are the ideal choice for folks who need flexibility from their footwear and don’t need waterproof shoes on the daily. If your workday keeps you on your toes, a pair of Orbits is the perfect prescription. With adjustable laces for slip-on convenience, a premium knit-upper to keep your feet cool, and a high-tech Stratus-EVA Midsole that absorbs shock and conserves your energy, Orbit sneakers are the answer to work shoe woes.

A Lightweight Shoe Made for Comfort

Transition your Orbits from your workday right into leisure time. Since they’re ultra-comfortable, durable, and stylish, you’ll likely find yourself reaching for them even when you’re off the clock. Go for a jog, take a stroll downtown, hit the gym for a workout, or even hit a pub crawl. Our lightweight sneakers with arch support will provide extra comfort wherever your adventures lead.

Choose from a selection of chic colors, from uniform-compliant (and super sleek) all-black and moody Wine Tasting to versatile Maritime and light and spritely Sweet Pea green. You deserve to wear lightweight running shoes that not only provide comfort, but appeal to your sense of style, too.

You can have it all with Snibbs. You can even select your favorite charity at checkout, and we’ll donate a percentage of your purchase towards a cause you care about. Protect coral reefs, help animals in need, supply food to hungry people, and provide financial assistance for out-of-pocket medical costs to those who need it—we’ve selected our charity partners to reflect the causes our customers hold dear. Plus, these lightweight shoes are made from responsible, recycled materials, so you can feel fantastic about your footwear from every angle.

The passionate professionals who wear Snibbs lightweight shoes deserve support as they move throughout their lives. Whether you’re looking for the best shoes for retail work, healthcare, or everyday lifestyle, we can help—just get in our Orbits.