non-slip shoes

that work as hard as



occupation: server, mom, fashionista

time on feet: 13-15 hours

“I kind of feel silly now, when I think about it. I was just buying the same work shoes everyone had, because it’s what we’ve always done. But I was throwing away money! Between my first purchase of Snibbs and their protection plan, I’m taken care of for an entire year. And I’ve actually been able to pay off my credit card with the extra money I saved! Game changer.”

shoes are expensive as f***.

When we met Dani, she was spending upwards of $800/year on her personal footwear alone.

She’s a veteran server at a local restaurant, a mom with active children, and she loves to try new places to eat with her girlfriends during the week.

What that translated to was roughly $350/year on work shoes that faded quickly (she was replacing what she called her “tried and trues” every 3 months), $150/year on hiking boots to adventure with her son, and the remaining $300 was spent on what she called “cute shoes” - fun options that compliment her outfit of choice for dinner that night.

Eight months ago, one of her friends and colleagues was blown away by how often Dani was cycling through her work shoes and recommended she try some Spaceclouds by Snibbs.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Eight months later, Dani is still going strong on her one pair of Spaceclouds at work. She hasn’t had any slips or falls between the kitchen and the front of house thanks to the durable outsoles, and her foot pain after a 10 hour shift has all but disappeared.

But it went far beyond that. Once, she had an after-shift play-date with her son in which she forgot to pack her hiking boots and had to wear her Spaceclouds. Her and her son got a little muddy exploring the park by their house. When she got home, she was easily able to clean up the shoe without tossing it in the washing machine thanks to the water-resistant fabric.

And one of Dani’s favorite parts? She wore her pink Spaceclouds on her walk to dinner one night, with her favorite flats in her handbag to change when she arrived. But when her best friend Teresa saw her shoes, she wouldn’t stop fawning over how bright and beautiful they were. Dani never took her flats out of her bag.

We get it - money is tighter than ever, but you can’t compromise on the things you love. Work is important, but so are family, friends, and adventure. So why are you still spending tons of money on footwear that doesn’t work as hard as you do? In less than a year, Dani’s footwear budget has decreased by over 50% and her happiness has only grown.

what you can expect

Slip resistance. Water resistance. Comfort. Durability. Tackle your work, pain-free.


Save some cash yourself. With the purchase of a new pair of Snibbs, you can get our 1 year protection plan FOR FREE.

That means when you run your new shoes into the ground, we’ve got a replacement ready for you to be shipped out right away.

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