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non-slip shoes

that work as hard as



occupation: server

time on feet: 13-15 hours

I’ve been working at the same diner as a server for the past 17 years. I love the thrill of my job - but there are a few things that aren’t my favorite - namely, the lower leg pain I experienced from standing on my feet all day. Eight months ago my friend who works at a different restaurant suggested I switch up my footwear, and so I went out and bought a pair of Snibbs. GAME. CHANGER.

Here are the top four reasons why these shoes have completely altered my day to day:


They work on every surface.

The kitchen gets crazy slippery, and the front of house is a mix between aging vinyl and weathered hardwood. But with these kicks, no matter what I’m standing or walking on, I never lose my footing.


They've kept my feet dry.

I’m not sure why people are so good at spilling their drinks, but they always do. I’ve had to work shifts before completely soaked through to my socks, but with Snibbs the water resistance has kept my feet dry.


I forget I’m wearing them.

Well…not exactly. I have a really pretty pink pair of these shoes, so I do receive quite a few compliments, making it impossible to completely forget that I’m wearing them. But what I do mean is that after my 10 hour shifts, I used to take off my shoes in the car because I was in so much pain. Nowadays, I wear these beautiful shoes on shift, during my commute, and even when I’m running errands or cleaning up after my kids at home. They’re seriously that comfy.


I’ve only bought one pair of shoes in the past eight months.

I don’t work at my job because I rake in six figures - I do it because I love it and I’m treated really well. But when it comes to shoes for work, I don’t want to have to buy a new pair every 3 months when their life span is over. I bought a pair of Spaceclouds and got the protection plan, so even if my beauties fall apart in the next few months, I’m covered.

I’ve managed to get three of my co-workers so far shifted over to these shoes, and I think we all have had bigger smiles on our faces because of it!

“I used to work in kitchens when I was younger and now I’m going back 20 years later. I needed something that provides support, prevents fatigue, is waterproof/slip resistant, and not be a damn Croc.”

- Nicholas

“Saw so much hype online for these shoes and I caved and bought them for myself for a Christmas present. I have gone through all kinds of nonslip shoes and these by far are the best and most comfortable. The dish pit area at my job always gets an insane amount of water on the floor and before I had to drag my feet around so I wouldn’t slip, now I can basically run through it without worrying about falling, and my feet stay dry and everything that falls onto my shoes wipes right off.”

- Kelsie

“I work in the restaurant industry. I’m in my feet for hours at a time and all always moving. I’ve only owned Sketchers. Snibbs has definitely surprised me! I walked in my kitchen that I normally slip and slide all over. I was able to walk confidently without being worried about falling. Being able to work pain free! No more knee or hip pain.”

- Tessa

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