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How to Relieve Sore Feet at Home

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Haik Zadoyan

Running his own restaurant, his lifelong passion for food and beverages led him to co-found Snibbs in 2015, where he acts as Chief Operating Officer and Designer. Snibbs are completely fluid and slip resistant, durable, stylish and perfect for hard workers who are on their feet all day. We're on a mission to enrich worker’s lives, one shoe at a time by creating a work shoe that's inspired by everything that's wrong with the one you're probably still wearing.
Sore Feet Cure

If a day at work means being on your feet for long hours, odds are that you deal with sore feet very often. Here are some handy tips that will help you feel rejuvenated after a long day at work. Try these tips to soothe sore feet from standing all day, and see your feet thanking you:

Warm Water

Soaking your feet in warm water is the best antidote for tired feet. You could even add some Epsom salt and feel the soreness vanishing. Make it a part of your daily routine and see your foot problems disappear.

Cold Compress

Much like warm water, a cold compress is also known to offer immediate relief. Those 10 to 15 minutes will be well spent in relieving soreness. Alternately, you could even dip your feet in ice water.

Massaging Your Feet

Who doesn’t love a great foot massage? They can be a great stress buster as also a way to alleviate foot pain. All you need to do is use your thumb to press into any sore spots. Gently moving the toes back and forth can also work really well. Electric foot massagers also work well for those aching feet. 

Put Your Feet Up

Well, literally!  Simply sit with your feet perched on a footstool or a chair. It will not only provide you pain-relief, but it will also help with the swelling that may have occurred after a long day at work.

RICE Method

A popularly used method, RICE stands for the following:

Rest - Simply stay off the injured foot

Ice - Apply an ice pack

Compression - Wrap a bandage

Elevation - Keep the foot elevated to reduce swelling

If you have sprained your foot, this method particularly works well.


The answer to what to do for sore feet also lies in stretching exercises. While you may feel lethargic after a long day at work, the fact is some stretching exercises can come in handy. Simply flex your toes, point them and then curl them alternately. You could also benefit from moving your ankles in circular motions.  Standing up and shifting between your toes and heels is also an effective stretching exercise. These seemingly simple tips can go a long way in offering your feet the much-needed relief.

Targeted Strengthening Exercises

When looking for answers to how to help sore feet, you will also benefit from targeted strengthening exercises that strengthen your feet and prevent soreness of muscles. Some simple tips include using your foot to drag a towel that is lying on the floor or trying to pick up marbles from the floor with your feet.

Daily walks are another great way to stay healthy

Proper Footwear

While the above techniques offer relief to aching feet, one of the best ways to prevent aching feet in the first place is to invest in the right pair of shoes. If you are standing for long hours, the one thing you should consider while selecting your shoes is whether it has adequate cushioning. A cushioned insole is just the luxury feet need for long hours. Additionally, an ergonomically designed midsole can reduce strain in various parts of the feet. Remember also to go with footwear that has a wide toe box to accommodate the natural swelling that results from spending long hours on your feet.

At Snibbs, we have a wide range of footwear that offers comfort without detracting from the style quotient. Little surprise then that it is a go-to brand for people who want to keep foot problems at bay while also not compromising on the style and support that you positively want in a pair of shoes.