6 Simple Steps to Improve Workplace Safety

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Daniel Shemtob

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Workplace Safety

With the cost of workplace accidents and debilitating injuries mounting, it is imperative that workplace safety features high on every organization’s agenda. Without the requisite plans in place, businesses will continue to suffer on counts such as productivity as well as employee health.

What is important is to create a culture of safety that every employee is invested in. While stray safety measures can only take you so far, a culture of safety ingrained in the very DNA of the organization can go a long way in creating a safe working environment. Here are 6 simple workplace safety tips to implement:

Comprehensive Safety Training

If you undertake a thorough assessment of the workplace safety hazards that include inputs from employees and then conduct a comprehensive training, there will be employee buy-in. The success of such training programs will be far higher. To this end, it will also be helpful to engage occupational clinicians who can identify high-risk areas and preventive measures.

Good Housekeeping Practices

Spillages, tangled cords, boxes lying around, chemicals that are not properly stored are all potential accident areas. It is extremely important to have good housekeeping practices in place. Programs to reduce clutter also go a long way to prevent accidents. Once again it is a company-wide safety culture that will ensure that all employees are sensitive towards any lapses, as opposed to just the housekeeping staff looking at these issues.

Equip Employees With the Right Tools

Employees should have access to the right protective tools. To do that, it is once again necessary to do a thorough risk analysis of your industry to equip them with the right tools. Ever so often safety footwear is something that is missed. With foot injuries being a sizeable percentage of workplace-related injuries, not offering the right footwear can be a big cause of concern. From steel toes to metatarsal guards there are a lot of options available depending on the risk assessment. It is also important to remember that for employees who spend a sizeable part of the day on their feet, comfortable shoes are a must-have. A deep heel cup, wide toe box and a cushioned insole are some of the requirements that cannot be compromised.

Stretch Breaks

Overexertion is one of the major causes of workplace injuries. It is therefore important that the job shifts allow for enough stretch breaks that allow the employee to ease muscle tension. In fact, active movement during these breaks needs to be encouraged. In the absence of such breaks, accidents on account of exhaustion at the end of a long day can increase.

Proper Lockout Processes

An important part of the safety procedure is also to stick to proper lockout processes when it comes to machinery and other equipment. Using labels and signs to detail hazards and proper procedures is also seen to be quite effective as a reminder.

Keep An Open Dialogue

Above everything, ensure that the company culture is open enough for the employees to feel comfortable to raise and report any hazards. Having regular meetings on workplace safety where safety rules are reviewed will ensure that prevention is high on everyone’s agenda. Rewarding employees for displaying safe behavior can also go a long way in keeping them engaged. If these rewards and the appreciation could come from the top management in full view of other employees, it will pass a strong message on the commitment of the company to the cause of safety. 

Here’s to implementing workplace safety tips and to a safe working environment!