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Safety Shoes - 5 Ways They Protect You

About the Author

Haik Zadoyan

Running his own restaurant, his lifelong passion for food and beverages led him to co-found Snibbs in 2015, where he acts as Chief Operating Officer and Designer. Snibbs are completely fluid and slip resistant, durable, stylish and perfect for hard workers who are on their feet all day. We're on a mission to enrich worker’s lives, one shoe at a time by creating a work shoe that's inspired by everything that's wrong with the one you're probably still wearing.
Foot Safety

Think of safety shoes and you tend to think of industrial and construction sites, which pose a threat to your feet. Little surprise then that safety shoes are equated with heavy-duty footwear alone. The fact, however, remains that safety shoes have a wide range of applications including offering your feet the much-needed comfort if your work demands that you be on your feet for long periods of time. In fact, with safety shoes increasingly lending themselves to both function and aesthetics, they are a must-have for professionals from diverse industries. Here are the many ways in which safety shoes can protect you as you put your best foot forward:

1. Protection From Injuries

First things first, if you work in a set up where there are sharp, flying objects, foot safety demands that you arm yourself with safety shoes that can protect you from debilitating injuries to your feet. While we tend to pay attention to a whole lot of protective gear such as eyewear or gloves, it is about time that the criticality of the right footwear is recognized. Safety shoes also keep you well protected from any cutting or electrical hazards, and also any burns from chemical splashes, depending on the industry you work in.

2. Prevent Slips & Falls

Safety footwear can go a long way in preventing slips and falls especially when your job involves working on slippery surfaces or climbing ladders. A slip-resistant outsole makes staying firm on your feet in any slippery situation easy! Overall, comfortable shoes that offer the right grip can also help improve balance and keep potential accidents at bay at the workplace where you are often hard-pressed for time! 

3. Offer Comfort

Safety shoes are imperative for jobs where you are required to be up on your feet all day. Think chefs, doctors, nurses and a host of other professionals who are either standing or continuously running around. In mission-critical jobs, the fatigue that sets in the muscles of the feet as well as the legs, back and other body parts can not only have implications on your own health but also impact your efficiency. With dual-density insoles and ergonomic midsoles in your safety shoes, what you have is a supportive foundation, which helps prevent fatigue and pain even as you are standing for long periods. Besides that, the wide toe box ensures that there is enough space to stretch your toes and give your feet the comfort they so deserve.

4. Protection From Weather Conditions

If you work in extreme weather conditions, especially in very cold weather, the advantages of wearing shoes that keep you insulated, cannot be overstated. In the absence of protective footwear you are at risk of poor blood flow. Also, the cold can aggravate many other health conditions which is an added fear! Keeping the feet snug on the other hand can go a long way in keeping the entire body warm and comfortable.

5. Offer Mobility

The fact that despite offering the above features, safety shoes aren’t bulky means that your mobility isn’t restricted! If anything, with the comfortable features on offer, you would not as much as notice the number of steps you have taken! They are also durable, meaning you don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes every few months!

That foot safety also comes along with an unbeatable style quotient in safety shoes as an added perk! Simply put, you need not sacrifice aesthetics at the altar of functionality anymore!

To get on one’s feet got a whole new meaning with your safety shoes!